• Notes on the IRAQ story

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    I wanted to post a few thoughts/notes about the current story. There had been a lot of misconceptions out there that the Flobots don’t support the troops because they speak out against an unjust war. Every now and then, we’d get an angry letter or comment from a soldier that we didn’t care or understand what it was like. This could be further from the truth. I’ve had long conversations with Jonny5 and Brer Rabbit on how to approach this issue. How do we let the soldiers know we love them and care about them, and respect them and what they do? We all know and have heard from many soldiers with many different stories, some want to immediately oppose the war, many want to go back over and over again. While I had plans to go onto other chapters, we decided that this issue was too important to put off and I ditched my other plans to make Chapter two about our soldiers.

    In doing my research and referencing, I listened to a lot of Veterans and current soldiers stationed in IRAQ and Afghanistan. I took 2 days to absorb myself in the reference I had amassed, and tried like hell to put myself in their shoes, talk like them, think like a soldier. It was gut wrenching, and the first time I’d ever REALLY worked that way. When I first thought of doing a story about soldiers or IRAQ, I didn’t want to be pretending or making things up, so the events are an amalgamation of about 4 different REAL stories I was told from men and women stationed in IRAQ or Afghanistan.  Really heart wrenching tales. I also didn’t want to be preachy. Soldiers don’t talk about politics, they do their job. They talk like those characters talk, to pass the time. (although they use much more colorful language!)

    I, as well as the Flobots, have a profound respect for men and women in uniform, and I’m trying to tell their story and I hope in the coming weeks I can really put the readers out there who don’t know, into that soldier’s mind and shoes. It gives you a whole other perspective on the things we take for granted every day, every minute/second here in the States. If you see a man or woman in uniform, or hear someone is a vet, or see an oldtimer wearing a military ballcap…. tell them THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! It doesn’t matter what they did, or what they saw… they did it for all of us.


    1. ryran

      I’m really glad you wrote this in explanation. It helps to understand where you’re coming from and what you’re trying to achieve with all of this. Thanks.

    2. Jayme

      You may want to check into the show Generation Kill which was recently aired by HBO. I don’t know if there’s any way to obtain it legally at the moment. It was a very interesting show based on the stories of a group of Marines over there in 2003.

    3. hexenjaeger

      The sad thing is that they didn’t do it for all of us they did it for the current administration. Granted they have no choice in the matter but saying they did it for all of us implies that we benefit in some way from their actions. I haven’t seen anyone but Haliburton or Blackwater benefit yet.

    4. TrickityHouses

      Hey DJ Great work with this series of comics. I just found them and they are pretty amazing. Its funny cause I dig the flobots plus I read HBN so finding a web comic with the two combined was pretty cool. Anyways keep up the work and I plan on reading more :)
      -Fan of Yours

    5. ginger chris

      hey guys im very impressd with the comic and music and the fact that you are willing to stand up for wat you belive in. in this day nd age it takes a brave soul to do that. anyway, ive spent the last 2 years trrainin 2 b a chef & im lookin 2 join the army by the end of nxt year (as a cook). i am doin this to support the ppl that r willin 2 try nd make the world a better place.
      If the footsoldiers were in charge of the armies there would be alot less war.

    6. DueceZero

      I am a soldier currently serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom and must honestly admit that I never heard of your band till I deployed. I came across your music through word of mouth (you guys are pretty popular with the troops) and have become a huge fan. Most of the television shows, movies, novels, and other various forms of entertainment media have done a substandard job of relating to our men and women overseas but your comic is a relatively close depiction of what we experience emotionally after returning home. I have served on 12-15 month deployments, lost friends, and endure the emotional and physical hardships of combat. It is refreshing to see mainstream artists who stay true to their beliefs and not shy away from publicly supporting our men and women in combat. Thank you for being the voice to those who cannot openly share your sentiments.

    7. admin

      Thanks, DueceZero, first for your service, and secondly for your kind words about the comic. I’ve received mixed criticism on these comics, but I think the opinions that matter most to me are actual soldiers. This story is an amalgamation of tales I’ve heard from Iraq war vets and little personal tips of the hat to them and their stories.