• Comic News Update!

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    Hey everyone! Just wanted to give an update as to what’s been going on and future plans. The last couple of months I’ve actually transitioned to doing more projects with the Flobots, from designing merchandise and posters to doing full on webmastering for the band as well as work for the non-profit group. I jumped in head first, so the comic took kind of a back seat on the priority chain while all this work has been going on. I’ve pretty much been using all of the skills I’ve learned from self publishing and the comic book market to help the band spread it’s message. To see what we’ve been up to, visit the new Flobots.com now.

    To the fans of the comic, here’s where we stand!

    A whole new comic will be coming soon, you can call it chapter 3 if you want, or it will actually be a relaunch of sorts with a very cool sci-fi twist in an alternate future. It’ a plot I’ve been developing behind the scenes since June and I really can’t wait to show it off. I’ve also brought on Brandon Carr to help out with coloring duties behind the scenes. Tentative plan is to begin running the new comic on a 3 day a week schedule, but we’ll also be releasing single issues for sale at shows and possibly through the website, with most of the proceeds going to benefit the non-profit efforts of Flobots.org — There will likely be a new website for the comic as well when we relaunch.

    It’s been a CRAZY year for me personally, and I want to thank everyone here for the kind words and support of the comic. Hearing from troops and other flobot fans has been simply amazing and inspiring.

    Stay tuned…. soon!


    1. Eric Greif

      Will there ever be a conclusion of Chapter 2? I’m really interested in seeing how it should end.

    2. Anom

      Way to leave us all hanging….

    3. admin

      Eric, yes there are 3 more pages to chapter 2 which will be posted during the relaunch.

      Again, sorry to leave everyone hanging, I will make it up to you!

    4. Eric Greif

      Don’t feel you need to make it up to me or anyone else. I’m patient and I will wait as long as it takes. All I want is to see the finish of chapter 2. And then to see the next chapter.

      And then the next chapter.

      And then the next chapter.

      Keep up the good work, DJ.