• State of the Union

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    A new year is well upon us and I thought I’d give a run down of where we are with the comic right now, where we’ve been and where we’re going and some things to look forward to.

    Where we are now: - Back to the Future! I’m very excited to be telling the current story, and I wish I could say more but it will totally spoil things. I can say you’ll be meeting more “Flobots” very soon in these pages. Coming up you’ll learn just what a Flobot is, how they came to be and what the heck happened to the United States, all wrapped into a tight blanket of adventure and science fiction. - We’ve been updating Monday-Wednesday-Friday through December– When I say “we’ve”, that means my colorist pal and old friend/Webcomics urban legend, Brandon J. Carr. - Our schedules are both pretty tight and the holidays were intense, but I am really proud that we were able to maintain updates through the holidays uninterrupted. Hooray for team work! Give it up for Brandon for adding a creepy-toxic, forboding feel to the story with his digital crayolas.

    Where we’ve been-- I’d like to thank everyone for the kind words and support on the first two stories.   I realize the  “Vote For Change” story may have been  a little heavy handed on my part politically, but it was based on my own experiences in Southwestern Pennsylvania –  the story will be even more relevant in the bigger plan when the  “floating words” actually make more sense after you see the origin of the future story and how things came to be, the secret of the Flobots, etc.  IRAQ conclusion will be up within a few weeks an tie into the present storyline in a neat way as well, and again the “floaty” words will make much more sense later on in the spring. ;)

    Where we’re going– There are a lot of neat plans in the works behind the scenes, but it probably goes without saying that we’re planning an actual print book for the comic. I’m telling the new stories in 18-24 page chunks seen sort of as “issues”- The plan is to distribute these books direct from the site, and the Flobots band will probably have them on hand at upcoming shows. We’re laying the groundwork for a lot of things. One big thing I’ve been holding off on until it makes sense in the story (sometime in February) will connect fans to the universe story, and also allow you to support great causes along the way. It’s never been done before so we’re still ironing out the details that I will spill later.

    What you can do now?– Bookmark us, subscribe to our feed, link to the comic on your blogs or websites and refer your friends.

    See you back here on Mon-Wed-Fri!

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